Welcome to the Global Research Management Community for professionals involved in the management of health research worldwide, and especially for those working in emerging research centres and challenging environments.

Effective coordination, management and administration is crucial for the entire research ecosystem. As important as conducting research itself, project managers, research coordinators, and those in support and administration roles must be equipped with the necessary skills to build and manage teams, handle finances, contracts, and compliance, define and implement workplans, and support project reporting and communication for teams to secure funding and execute research projects successfully. The Global Research Management hub aims to provide a comprehensive resource, with links for training and knowledge exchange and be a place where research managers from across the globe can connect, learn from each other, and contribute to strengthening research systems worldwide.

Whether you are a seasoned research manager or a member of a research team recently tasked with project management responsibilities, this is your platform to seek assistance, share experiences, and collaborate with peers. Check out the ‘Get Connected’, ‘Events’, ‘Find an Expert’ and ‘Contact’ pages to see how you can get involved and become part of a community dedicated to sharing research management practices and fostering collaboration.

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