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Do you have solid experience of managing health (including public and health related social/anthropological health) or medical (including clinical trials) research? Would you be prepared to share your expertise and experience with research managers from LMICs? The network includes researchers working as nurses, midwives, pharmacists and other ‘non-academic’ practitioners in resource poor environments, many of whom are given project management roles without full training (or have to manage their projects in addition to conducting research). Our registered experts provide advice and guidance to project managers and help them navigate the challenges of managing complex health and medical research initiatives, ensuring that their projects contribute positively to the well-being of communities in need. Your help as an expert will not only enrich the knowledge-sharing ecosystem but also serve as a powerful means of doing good by empowering and supporting those who dedicate themselves to improving health outcomes in resource-constrained settings. Register today to make a meaningful impact through your expertise and generosity.